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There are a lot of benefits to driving a manual car from performance and speed to this style of driving just being downright fun. In many ways a manual vehicle will outperform automatics, but one trouble spot can be the clutch if you don’t pay attention to it. At Quality Transmission, we know that even when you take pristine care of your vehicle, the clutch will eventually go out and will need to be replaced, and we’re here to give you fast, affordable, and quality clutch replacement services so that you don’t skip a beat in your day.

There are a few signs that will alert you that it is time for a clutch replacement, but before we dig into that one action you should always take is to listen and feel your car when it is performing in prime condition. Knowing how your vehicle sounds and drives when at its peak will alert you to issues faster so that you can be proactive and save yourself unnecessary damage and repairs. Once you do know how your vehicle operates, then you can be alerted to the signs much faster, and here are the most common issues you’ll notice.

  • When a clutch fails, it will often produce a burning smell due to the clutch slipping and the friction that is created. When you smell your clutch burning, then call our skilled mechanics right away to get the issue resolved.
  • If the clutch feels soft and you have to let the it out most of the way, then you have an early warning sign that you need to call in the pros. Pay attention to when the gears catch and how far you’ve let out the clutch when you’re driving to give yourself a better idea of when it is going out.
  • If your car shakes when you shift gears, then this will be a sign that you need a clutch replacement. Your car should shift seamlessly, and when you notice it isn’t, bring in it!
  • While not everyone will be able to visibly tell if the clutch is getting worn out, if you notice you’re having problems when driving, you’ll want to look and see if there is any damage. If you aren’t sure exactly what to look for, then let the experts inspect the problem for you to see what your next steps should be.

Whether you’ve noticed one or all of the signs that your clutch is going out, you should be proactive to get the issue resolved. You don’t want to create further damage from occurring, nor do you want to put anyone in a dangerous situation because the clutch isn’t properly functioning.

Quality Transmission is here to add longevity to your clutch by replacing the gear oil and offering premium manual transmission services. We don’t skip steps and we are fast to get your car back to you. If you have questions about clutch replacement, let our customer service know today!